About Current Regulations


We, COSMETICS REGISTRATION (INDIA) are a consultancy subsidiary of ARHAM CONSULTANTS (INDIA) PTY, New Delhi and are focused on the regulatory compliance of Cosmetics Imports Registration in India

About Current Regulations

From 1st April’13, the Cosmetics Import & Marketing regulatory mandate seeks a compulsory registration of the imported cosmetic products and the foreign manufacturing sites with CDSCO – the Indian Licensing Authority. Registration is mandatory for every cosmetic manufacturer, based outside of India, who wants to import or market its cosmetic brands in India.

To put it simplistically, since 1st April’13 every manufacturer has to get its product registered at CDSCO through their Authorized Representative / Agents / Subsidiary / Indian Importer or their own Registered Office in India. The registration application, based on Form-42 format, along with the mandated documents and submission guidelines should be submitted to CDSCO. Registration Certificate [RC] License will be issued once CDSCO finds the submitted dossier documents as per the norms and registration requirements

A ‘RC’ i.e. the Registration Certificate is specific to the product and the manufacturing site. The manufacturer, through his authorized agent, India based importer or subsidiary can import products mentioned only on the RC list and only for the mentioned manufacturing site as approved on the RC. The Registration Certificate can therefore be considered equivalent to Market Authorization or Import License.

An end to end service is provided by COSMETICS REGISTRATION (INDIA) for both Product and Manufacturer Approval including Authorized Agent Services. The services are a big help in importing and selling products in India. Also, the faster product approvals foster enhanced access to greater markets and inbound opportunities.

COSMETICS REGISTRATION (INDIA) facilitates the overseas cosmetic manufacturers with the service of licensed and independent firms that act as their Indian agent or Authorized Representative for the Import Registration Requirements as per the mandated regulatory framework of Indian Drugs and Cosmetics Act & Rules. The registration services come together with following benefits…

  • . iasoning and Consultation on Regulatory Strategy
  • .PLC ‘Product Life Cycle’ consultancy
  • .Compilation and submission of dossier documents to meet specific requirements of Form-42
  • .Guidance throughout the process of License Approval.
  • .Follow-up on instructions and labeling as per CDSCO specifications in India
  • .Complaint handling submission and query management, as part of post-marketing services
  • .Compliance with all statutory marketing requirements
  • .Representation of manufacturer’s business considerations under the purview of Indian Regulatory Department for applying to the RC, product approvals, submission of regulatory material and compliance with legislation

All the information on various aspects of Cosmetics Registration process and regulations in India is the personal interpretation of the author as gathered from various online & offline source materials. None of the information on this site, in part or whole, is claimed to be an authoritative opinion or summary extract of any law or regulations ; readers are requested to validate the information from their own informed sources and act so on their own wise decision.


The Drug & Cosmetics Act, 1940

Drug Controller of India, Ministry of Health, Government of India

Ministry of Finance, Government of India

Reserve Bank of India


From the Application fees of the Licencing Authority till the appointment charges of the Authorized Representative, we have the expertise to make everything very economical.