About the Indian Market


We, Cosmetics Registration (India) are well aware of procedures and updation of regulatory framework of Cosmetics industry in India for the purpose of Registration of Cosmetics.

About the Indian Market

The Indian market & consumers show a higher susceptibility towards imported cosmetic brands. An average Indian consumer finds an international brand a statement of quality! This group of aspirational consumers has led to an upsurge in the demand of foreign cosmetic brands in India. This is further helped by the impressive growth of the organized retailing in India that has accentuated the demand of imported cosmetic brands.

Being connected to Indian Cosmetics industry for such a long time we have successfully succeeded in building good relations with Indian companies that are licenced under Drugs & Cosmetics Act. We can offer Indian Authorised Agent services to Global Cosmetics manufacturers and Brand marketers, which is mandatory for getting Registration approval of Cosmetics,thus maintaining the safety and secrecy of our clients unique Cosmetics products.

The Confederation of Indian Industries [CII] believes that the composite market for cosmetic brands, including the beauty services and wellness segment, is valued at U.S. $2.68 billion. This is made further attractive by the astounding annual growth rates of 15 to 20% for the leading imported cosmetic brands in India. Apparently, the growth of the economy and the resultant affluence is showing on life-style related consumption. The industry sources reveal that the Indian cosmetics market in the retail beauty segment has ‘fragrance’ leading the total group-wise sales. Statistics claim that fragrances comprise 21% of the market, followed by color cosmetics [14%], hair-care [19%], skin care [17%], beauty services [13%], herbal cosmetics [9%] and the rest [7%]. The growth rate of cosmetic products in India is claimed to be twice as fast as in the European and U.S. markets. This growth rate has unveiled the latent urge of the Indian consumer to look good thereby increasing the overall demand of the cosmetic brands in India. Under the exposure of the global media, the Indian buyers are now moving towards premium global cosmetic brands and this shift is also evident in the functional usage to the specialized cosmetic brand products.

The key growth areas in the Indian cosmetic market are fragrances and color cosmetics. The former is considered the most popular of the imported cosmetics among the Indian consumers. The market also has a visible demand for products in hair-care, specialized skin care, make-up items and professional salon items. India already imports a good number of cosmetic brands in the category of non-transfer long-stay lipsticks, fragrances, eye makeup, liquid lip colors, anti-wrinkle/ anti-ageing products, skincare cosmetics, skin whitening, anti-blemish and fairness creams. Men also account for this demand with their range of products such as hair-styling gels, professional hair care, shaving creams, skin care brands and fairness creams. SPF is a major element of sale as the sun-protection products, sun blocks and sun care products come in the list.

The market for beauty services is growing at a very rapid pace in India. Already a lot of attraction is being garnered by the spa market for the consumption of international brands. Valued at around U.S. $22 million, spa market is still small but has shown great growth and especially with the diversity and range. In the coming 5 years, the same market of spa and body treatment is estimated to touch the U.S. $ 772 million mark. At present, 2/3rd of this market is being served by the local brands and the international spa firms have only a limited presence at the leading hotels.

Spas are believed to become a daily routine for not just the affluent sections but also for the consumers from the middle class. Already, their sales numbers are increasing as the consumers no longer perceive them to be a holiday luxury. Though very much in infancy, the concept of med-spas is also gaining a lot of attention in metropolis cities in India. The spas are estimated to grow at an impressive 60% annually in the years to come.